Earn Free Wash & Free Dry!


We ♥ our Customers

We started the Belly Rewards Program back in October as a way to show "love" to our customers. We want a real prgram free of "gimmicks". 

Our program is simple, you get 15 points for signing up with your email address. You get a card for your keychain at the iPad located on the front desk. Each time you come to wash, simply check-in by swiping your card at the iPad. You'll get 5 points each time you check-in.

When you've accrued enough points, redeem for all sorts of free stuff. Simply show your Belly page to the attendant on duty. This is our way of thanking you for your business.

*Disclaimer: Check-in only with a purchase. Violations of the policy will result in your account being flagged for modification or termination.